Want to dance the night away in Eastern Europe?

Head to Novalja, the beach playground for twenty-something Europeans

Novalja is a beautiful town at the middle of a horseshoe bay. Its red tiled roofs brilliantly set off the clear blue sea and the mountains on the horizon.

The whole town is easily within walking distance. There are plenty of restaurants and grocery stores and a city bus that does a regular loop. Here’s a map to get your bearings.

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Zrce is the spot to party. If you like clubs, house music, tons of beautiful Europeans, and the beach this is the place for you. The city bus loops all day and all night to take you from Novalja to Zrce.

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When you’ve had enough of the party, head down to sleepy Vlašići for a calm respite. This town is about an hour south of Novalja by bus. It sits next to a beautiful bay with calm clear water and fields filled with night time chirping frogs and crickets.

Be sure to try paski sir cheese while you’re there! It’s a specialty of Pag Island. The island’s sheep have such a specific diet that it produces a distinctly flavored cheese.

Stay at Zavicaj Guest House. The staff was unbelievably kind and treated this random American like family.

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The currency is the Kuna. ATM’s are all over the place. Here’s a link to see the current exchange rate.

 How to get there

Fly into Zadar. Take a public bus or rent a car. I took the bus – it was comfortable, affordable, and so easy.

OK to go Solo?

Yes to Novalja and Vlašići. Zrce at night is a massive club scene – so personally I wouldn’t have felt comfortable going solo. If you are traveling solo, I recommend staying at a hostel in Novalja so you can make some friends to check out Zrce with.


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