Plitvice Lakes, Croatia

Plitvice Lakes is a must-see!

The UNESCO world heritage site is a breathtaking maze of clear vivid green lakes, plank walkways, and numerous waterfalls in the heart of Croatia. 

I spent a full day and it wasn't nearly enough time. Next time I'll stay near the park and spend at least a couple days strolling through. 

The beauty of this place means a crush of tourists in the summer months but it's still absolutely worth a visit. 

To Get There:

Take a bus from Zadar

I highly recommend going on your own versus a group. It's too special to be herded through on a schedule. I did a day trip from Zadar via public bus and it was so easy. To do:

  • Buy a round trip ticket online or at the main bus station.
  • Ask at the main bus station which bay the bus will pull up in. The people at the help desk are very kind and helpful. Their English is excellent. 
  • Hop on the bus. The ride is approximately 2 hours each way.
  • Take the earliest bus there so you can maximize the day. 

Go with a group tour

You can do a day trip from Split, Zagreb, or Zadar. Here are some tour options from Zadar: 

OK to go solo?

Absolutely! If this solo female traveler can do this day trip with ease so can you. Enjoy!


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