Books that will make you want to buy a one way plane ticket

Tales of a Female Nomad

This was the first book that incited my wander lust. Rita Golden Gelman just picked up and traveled the world, solo. Fearlessly she traveled for years and her writing is so beautiful I’d be amazed if you weren’t looking up flights by the end of it, or planning to sell off your belongings.

A Year in Provence

Peter Mayle and his wife quit the UK in favor of sunny Provence. He chronicles their first year there with such vivid descriptions you’ll feel like you’re there with them, at the table, sipping deep red wine and sharing a baguette and cheese.

“The sun was a great tranquilizer, and time passed in a haze of well-being; long, slow, almost torpid days when it was so enjoyable to be alive that nothing else mattered.” Sigh.

An Embarrassment of Mangoes

Ann Vanderhoof and her husband left their day jobs in the dust and bought a sailboat. They set sail for two years through the Caribbean and share tales about the beaches, people, and local Caribbean fare they encountered. It’s delightful.


A Trip to the Beach 

Melinda Blanchard and her husband sold their restaurant in the states to try their hand at building a restaurant in the Anguilla. The book is filled with humor as they try to navigate the quirks of island living.