Uncover Paradise: The Top Bequia Beaches To Visit

Bequia: Your Tropical Beach Haven

Bequia, a slice of paradise in the Grenadines, offers gorgeous beaches sure to make you swoon. With soft white sand, clear, turquoise water, and a fringe of lush tropical vegetation, Bequia beaches are among the Caribbean’s best-kept secrets.

The Top Bequia Beaches

While each beach in Bequia offers something unique, there are a few that truly stand out. Whether it’s the calm waters perfect for a relaxing dip or vibrant marine life that entices snorkelers, Bequia’s beaches promise something for everyone.

Princess Margaret Beach

Named after the British princess who swam here during her honeymoon, this beach is a favorite among locals and tourists alike. Here, the calm, warm water is perfect for a leisurely swim, while the nearby Belmont Walkway offers an easy stroll with scenic views.

Lower Bay

If you’re looking for an opportunity to snorkel, head to Lower Bay. The reef near the shore is teeming with colorful fish, offering a fantastic underwater spectacle.

Friendship Bay

Perfect for windsurfing and sailing, Friendship Bay’s reliable breezes and wide expanse of water make it a favorite among adventure enthusiasts.

Getting to Bequia

Just a short flight from Barbados or a relaxing ferry ride from St. Vincent, Bequia is surprisingly accessible. Whether you choose to fly or sail, the journey offers stunning views of the Caribbean.

To make the most of your Bequia beach experience, keep the following tips in mind:

• Just as with snorkeling anywhere, it’s important to be mindful of marine life. Be calm and cool while swimming or snorkeling, and don’t chase or touch any of the sea life.

• Bequia’s sun can be intense. Protect your skin by wearing a long-sleeved swim shirt, as conventional sunblock can harm coral reefs. Or bring reef-safe sunblock.

• It’s always a good idea to leave flashy jewelry at home, as it can attract unwanted attention from curious fish.

• Bequia is becoming increasingly popular, so try to visit the beaches early before the crowds arrive.

Where to Stay

Bequia offers a range of accommodation options, from charming beachfront villas to high-end resorts. For a truly immersive beach experience, consider a stay at one of the beachfront options in Lower Bay or Princess Margaret Beach. Imagine starting every day with a stroll on the beach and a refreshing dip in the clear Caribbean waters!

Happy Wandering in Bequia!

Bequia’s beaches offer an unforgettable Caribbean experience to bask on soft sand with a soft sea breeze. While you’re there, don’t miss the sea turtle sanctuary! Happy Wandering!

If you want to see more sea turtles don’t miss Akumal Bay!


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