Surfing in Trinidad: The Waves Are Calling

If you’re looking for a fresh surfing spot and the Caribbean is calling your name, then pack your board and sunscreen because Trinidad is the next destination on your surf journey. This island, known for its vivacious culture and exceptional biodiversity, also boasts fantastic surf breaks that offer an unforgettable experience to surfing enthusiasts. Let’s delve into what makes surfing in Trinidad a must-try for every surfer.

Catching the Waves: Introduction to Surfing in Trinidad

Trinidad, the larger island of the Trinidad and Tobago duo, is a tropical paradise nestled in the southern Caribbean. Known for its cultural festivities and natural beauty, it has a secret card up its sleeve – a growing surfing community and amazing surf breaks that are sure to thrill!

Why Choose Trinidad for Surfing?

Surfing in Trinidad offers unique advantages, including consistent waves, uncrowded surf spots, and diverse surf breaks, making it an appealing choice for surfers of all skill levels.

Trinidad Surf Breaks: Riding the Caribbean Waves

In Trinidad, several surf breaks offer varying wave types and difficulties. Here’s a quick run-through:

Sans Souci: The Surfer’s Favourite

Sans Souci, located on the northeast coast, is popular among local surfers for its consistent right-hand waves and impressive swells during the surf season.

Toco: The Novice’s Pick

Toco, also on the northeastern coastline, is ideal for beginners with its forgiving waves and sandy bottom. It’s also a great place to enjoy Trinidad’s vibrant culture post-surf.

Surf Season in Trinidad: When to Go?

The best time to catch waves in Trinidad is from November to April during the northeast trade wind season. This period sees consistent swells, making it perfect for surfers to showcase their skills.

Top 5 Tips for Surfing in Trinidad

Before you grab your surfboard and head to Trinidad, here are some essential tips:

Respect the Ocean and Local Surf Etiquette

As a surfer, it’s important to respect the ocean and follow local surf etiquette. Avoid dropping in on other surfers’ waves and always prioritize safety.

Use Reef-Safe Sunblock

Conventional sunblock can harm coral reefs. Opt for a reef-safe sunblock to protect your skin and the environment.

Leave No Trace

Respect Trinidad’s beautiful beaches by leaving no trace. Dispose of any waste properly and keep the beach clean.

Learn About the Local Culture

Trinidad is rich in culture, and taking the time to engage with locals and learn about their traditions will enhance your travel experience.

Surf Early to Avoid Crowds

Though Trinidad’s surf spots are relatively uncrowded, surfing early in the morning can give you a serene surf experience and the best choice of waves.

Where to Stay in Trinidad

Trinidad offers a variety of accommodations, from luxury resorts to charming guesthouses, many close to popular surf breaks. Select an accommodation that fits your budget and preference, and soak in the Trinidadian hospitality.

Surfing in Trinidad is an experience like no other – the joy of riding Caribbean waves, the island’s vibrant culture, and the friendly surf community make it a must-visit surf destination. So, ready to catch the next wave in Trinidad? Happy surfing!


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