Six Awesome Reasons to Travel Solo

Surely you’ve been there. You’re dying to go somewhere but no one is able to go with. So what do you do? Scrap your plans or go have an epic adventure on your own?

I’m a huge fan of going! Here’s why:

Every day you get to do exactly what YOU want to do.

Want to eat Italian? Perfect, do it. Want to leave early? Stay later? Your day is yours and yours alone. You never have to wait for anyone to shuffle out the door or leave early because they want to.

You will meet amazing people.

When you don’t have a built in person to talk to you either make a new friend or don’t talk to someone that day.

You learn how to handle any situation that comes up.

Traveling solo you are completely responsible for yourself so all of the planning, navigating, figuring things out when things go awry fall squarely on your shoulders. This is a good thing. It’s amazing what you’ll learn and how you’ll grow.

You learn how to entertain yourself and enjoy your own company, a valuable life skill, really. 

You will have amazing experiences.

Imagine if you skipped out on going on that safari just because no one could come with you? You know you’re going to meet cool people along the way, right? Believe me, you will.

Come back home and feel awesome because you’ve accomplished something a lot people wouldn’t have the courage to do. 


Daydreaming about making this a possibility or want some advice? Leave a comment!



  1. I most want to expand on 2 points:
    * know thyself – similar to #4 above, solo travel’s unexpected experiences practice handling stress & change & thus enhance your life skills & being a good human being
    * freedom to meet new people – I still keep in touch with 20+ friends/acquaintances met on travel, their lives & as people are so interesting I just have to

    It’s truly priceless & I also add that solo travel isn’t always an option as life can eventually get in the way.

    • Thank you for your comment, Richard! I’m so glad that you met so many wonderful people on your travels. It really is incredible, isn’t it? I agree that solo travel isn’t always an option. I just wanted to encourage people to try it if they haven’t already. 🙂

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