Learn to Cook Thai, in Thailand

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Ever wanted to learn how to make Thai food?

Ever think about heading to the source? Chiang Mai, Thailand offers one day classes to teach you how to make a tasty Thai feast. I took one through Thai Farm Cooking School, mostly because it’s taught at their farm out in the country, which is a lovely break after spending time in Bangkok. A quick google search will show you many more options.

Do you need to be a master chef?

Fortunately the school expects you to have no cooking experience. Well, they offer programs for people who can actually cook as well but for this cooking impaired individual their novice level approach was much appreciated. The staff also preps all of the food for you and cleans all of the dishes, which is just fantastic.

What will we make?

They give you a slip of paper at the beginning of the day with options for the four courses you will make together. I picked green curry, chicken in coconut milk, spring rolls, and sticky rice with mango.  The first stop is a walk through a local market where they show you what you’ll need. Next up is a walk through their garden where they introduce you to the many herbs, leaves, and vegetables used in Thai cooking. It was a real treat to see these things in real life.

The instruction is clear and easy, the food is delicious, and you will be unbelievably stuffed by the end of the day. Definitely worth checking out when you’re in Chiang Mai!



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