10 Tips to Survive the Koh Phangan Full Moon Party

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10 Tips to Survive the Full Moon Party (so you don’t end up like this guy):

Want to party on a beach with 10 – 20,000 people from all over the world? Make your way to Koh Phangan’s Full Moon Party. I was on the fence about going, hearing many mixed reviews, but had a blast and would highly recommend it. Just know what you’re getting into.

The beach is lined with bars all playing competing music, people are packed shoulder to shoulder, and nearly everyone’s drunk, dancing, and having a grand time. This is one of those experiences where you have to be in the right mental place before you show up. Here’s more info.

Stay on Koh Samui

After seeing many people using the ocean as their toilet you might not want to go swimming in it the next morning. Speed boats will take you to the party and back for 700 -1200 Baht round trip ($24-$40) including hotel pickup & drop off. It’s a quick ride, and they have return trips on the hour from 1am to 7am. Try to stay out until the last boat back to catch the sunrise. Book with any of the tourism offices on Koh Samui.


Respect the bucket! They’re filled with booze and soda and pack quite the punch. I can’t tell you how many people I saw completely passed out on the beach, by 11pm.


The ubiquitous 7/11 is here too and sells Chang beer (and water!). Have at it.

Leave ALL valuables at home 

You really don’t need much. Just enough cash for booze, food, and to get home. Consider taking just a disposal camera for the night. I had my iPhone just to take pictures and wish I hadn’t brought it, especially since most of the pictures I took were blurry messes.

Traveling Solo?

No problem, just about everyone is going to the party. I met some lovely girls at the beach beforehand but Samui Hostel is a great place to stay and meet fellow travelers to hit the party with. After having gone, I can say that I would have felt comfortable going solo. I just would have kept the night to one beer.

Flaming Jump Rope

Yes, you just read that. It exists. The girls I went with jumped right on in and emerged unscathed. Consider deciding before you get to the party IF you want to attempt jumping the flaming rope. That way, several Changs into the night you don’t start to think, hey that’s a great idea!


There are so many vendors selling everything from pizza to Thai. You will not want for food.


There aren’t nearly enough and many people use the sea. Consider lining up way before you need it because those lines are long, and drunk people do not move quickly.


Avoid! If there’s one place to say no to anything anyone offers you this would be the place. The penalties are no joke.

Rock Fluorescence 

Pick up some body paint or a glow in the dark tank. You’ll fit right in.


Have fun at the Koh Phangan Full Moon Party!

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  1. I had my honeymoon in Koh Samui for 4 days & didn’t do the full moon parties as we preferred quiet seclusion, but agree with all of this post’s advice. It’s great fun & recommended per your wise tips indeed.

  2. Thank you for the comment, Richard! I hope you had a wonderful time on your honeymoon in Koh Samui.

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