Martinique Ultimate 10-day Itinerary

8 Reasons to drop everything and go to Martinique

Sand bars with crystal clear water, aged sugar cane rum*, and waterfalls to rappel down, Martinique is a treat for the island connoisseur. Take at least ten days, pick up a rental car at the Fort-de-France airport, and explore the French-speaking island. I recommend renting a place in St. Luce, the charming seaside village in the south of the island. These are some of my favorite spots. Here’s a map to get your bearings.

Baignoire de Josephine (Josephine’s Bath)

Les Fonds Blancs
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The absolute must visit of your trip is Josephine’s Bath. These Fonds Blancs (white depths) are a sandbar off the coast of Francois. The water is waist deep and crystal clear, and the sand underfoot is soft and white. It’s an incredible place to spend an afternoon with the local drink, ti-punch (a rum, lime, and sugar concoction). Here’s one possible tour company.

Anse Couleuvre 

Anse Couleuvre
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Tucked away in the North West corner of the island, Anse Couleuvre is a stunning black sand beach running along the rainforest. Bring everything you need for the day and keep a weather eye out for mongoose. They will steal your lunch in a heartbeat!

Les Salines

Les Salines
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One of the most beautiful beaches on the island, Les Salines is backed by palm and sea grape trees and offers a clear view of St. Lucia on the horizon. The beach is a long expanse. You will have no trouble finding a place to park or lay your towel.

Anse Michel

Anse Michel
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This lovely beach is protected by a reef, making for shallow, calm, and glass pane clear water. On windy days there are kite boarders flying through the water.

Go Canyoning


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If you’re looking for an adrenaline rush go canyoning (rappelling down waterfalls). It’s exhilarating! Be sure to wear all of the safety gear and sneakers. Here’s one tour company.

Hike Mont Pelee

Mont Pelee
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The active volcano last erupted in 1902 and now is a verdant wonderland to hike up. The view is apparently incredible but we attempted the walk on an overcast/ rainy day so the view was non-existent. I recommend holding out for a sunny day. The weather can change quickly so take a long sleeve and a rain jacket. Wear sneakers or hiking boots. Stop in the town Saint-Pierre for dinner and the sunset.

Anse Noire 

Anse Noire
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If you’re looking for a spot to cliff jump, this is the place to do it. The skinny inlet boasts a forty foot jump into sparkling blue water. There are many sea urchins so just be careful when you climb out. Stop for dinner in Anses d’Arlet on your way home.

Trek through Les Gorges de la falaise

Hike up the river cut between two cliffs to waterfalls. Be sure to wear sneakers, even though you’ll be walking and swimming. Take a waterproof camera if you want pictures (clearly I wasn’t that prepared!).

There is so much more to explore on the island. These are just some of my favorites! Feel free to share a comment with additional recommendations or questions.

*Try my favorite St. Etienne! Their aged rum is divine.




  1. Where do you recommend to stay?I noticed you suggested to stay on the south side of the island St. Luce but Is there a specific place you would suggest? Do you have an airbnb that you loved?

  2. Hi Erica, I wish I did! I stayed in an apartment through a friend but they don’t rent it out. If you want to share a bit more about what you hope see/ do/ experience in Martinique I’d be glad to help you pick the best location for you. I loved St. Luce because it has a laid back, quietly charming ambiance to it. (And i’s really easy to get to many beaches from there.) Martinique is one of my all time favorite spots. I’m so excited for you that you’re going experience it!

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