Learn How to Sail a 40’ Yacht in One Week

Liveaboard Sailing
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Want to learn how to sail and have a week to devote to it?

Consider doing a liveaboard sailing course. They’re offered all over the world and are a ton of fun. I took one in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, the delightful island chain in the Caribbean.

The week is intense with many hours devoted to sailing each day.  I had never sailed before so it was a bit of information overload but still doable.

At the end of the week, if you pass all of your written and practical tests, you will have completed your Bareboat Chartering certification, giving you the ability to charter a sailboat up to 40′ anywhere in the world.

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Tips for a Successful Trip:

Study a ton before you show up

There’s a test before you’re even allowed on the sailboat, and it’s a lot easier to follow the captain’s orders when you actually know what the halyard is and which side of the boat is port. (I crammed in the airport on the way down and definitely do not recommend that approach!)

Pack very light

Take two pairs of mesh shorts, a couple t-shirts, one long sleeve UV shirt, a hat with strap (with a brim all the way around), sunglasses with a strap, sunblock, swimsuit, and flip flops.

If this is your first time sailing know that this is just the beginning

You will learn a ton but will likely still need a lot of practice before you feel comfortable alone at the helm.


If you’re thinking about doing this solo, do it! I went solo and another lady on my trip went solo as well. We had a grand time.


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  1. I love the detail in the post with the vendors & post-experience tips shared, thank you for the useable points!

    The idea of an immersive experience is a wonderful travel concept. It brings to mind that spending a week in a rural Cantonese place would make me learn more Cantonese than I have in the last 3 years.

  2. Hi Richard, exactly! Immersive travel experiences are a great way to learn something new or get better at something faster. Glad you found the points useful!

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